Venezia is a woman

“Venezia is like a woman. Everything that will be said about her will be true.” Mieczysław…

“Da Tiziano a Rubens”: unreleased Flemish collections celebrated in Venice

From the 5th of September 2019 to the 1st of March 2020 the date is in Venice….


Canaletto & Venice     Venice is always worth a visit, especially if there is the possibility of seeing an exhibition like…

Territory, culture, art: AbanoRitz among the 8 locations of the Venetian Villas Biennale

Our commitment to the territory and its culture, even at the regional level

Our Venetian Carnival

Carnival 2019     Carnival, this year, will start with the Fat…

The Tintoretto exhibition in Venice

TINTORETTO 1519 – 2019  

River excursions between Padua, Venice and Rovigo

The waterways between Padua and Venice     The…

The dances are open: Venice Carnival 2018

The 2018 Venice Carnival begins on Saturday 27th…

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Scene di Paglia, the theatrical festival between Padua and Venice

From June 17th begins the…

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