Easy as it is for drinking a glass of water

“Water is the life matter. It is the origin, mother and means. It doesn’t exist life without water.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Water. Water is a chemical composite with the molecular formula HO: two hydrogen atoms linked to an oxygen atom. An essential resource not only for the human, but for every living being on earth. Even more studies prove the importance of water as key element for life and health.

“There is a millennial deposit of fresh water in my soul”, tells Abdelmajid Benjelloun, and who else better than us may support the magic idea around water?!

The last study carried out by the searchers Herbert Bohmer, Horst Muller and Karl Ludwig Resch led to prove that the consumption of calcic mineral water is optimal to reinforce the skeleton and therefore to contrast the osteoporosis, the disease of the skeletal apparatus. In fact, it is characterized by a low mineral density in addition to the deterioration of the micro-architecture of bone tissue. The calcium assimilation, however, has its own procedure. Also, it is demonstrated that one of the natural sources of calcium is rightly water. So at the AbanoRitz we propose you an hat trick:

  1. A right and regular consumption of calcic water
  2. Regular immersions and activities in thermal water
  3. Regular thermal mud therapies

The thermal water of Abano Terme arrives at the AbanoRitz after an enriching itinerary of thousands of years 3000 meters deep from the Prealps till the Euganeans Hills. The scientific research confirms more and more the validity and uniqueness of the mud of the Euganean thermal baths, recognizing its European Patent. The Center of Thermal Studies Pietro d’Abano is its owner and tutor, allowing its identification and demonstrating its effectiveness in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases of osteoarticular origin and not. The thermal and health structure of the hotel has been classified as a superior level by the Italian Ministry of Health and we are as well part of the state-run health care for the mud therapy treatments, inhalations therapy and treatment of the rhinogenic deafness. Moreover, the AbanoRitz Hotel has since always used geothermal sources for heating, respecting the environment since more than 50 years.

Small curiosity: do you know that even drinking thermal water has its own benefits? The old generation used to do it often. The consumption of thermal water as therapeutic drink, with the right quantities, helps the body in keeping efficient its own vital functions in addition to improve metabolic disorders. But it is not so easy and you have to keep the maximum of your attention in order to evaluate the effects depending from necessities.

Anyway, at the AbanoRitz we wait for you for a thermal cuddle 360° because you do not have to forget that “prevention is better than cure”, but above all because our wellness center proposes a large range of treatments and massages… Worldwide!

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