The power of stones: hot stone massage and crystal healing

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Health is the most precious gift and at AbanoRITZ we are particularly interested in offering our guests a wide choice of healing treatments but also and above all preventive measures. Health, in fact, is not only the absence of disease, but a state of deep psychophysical well-being, which involves the whole body.

For this reason, many of our packages combine with the stay with some treatment proposals, designed to help you take care of yourself, in a context of absolute relaxation and tranquility. Because the time for ourselves is the greatest gift we can give us.

For August, we offer a weekend package combining east and west, with two relaxation and balancing massage techniques: the “hot stone” massage, made with basalt stones and essential oils and massage with jade balls. Discover the “August Weekend” offer!


“Hot Stone” massage

The ancient wisdom of the stones. Like the ancient civilizations who listened to Nature relying on its wisdom, the shamanic tradition of the Native Americans recognized in stones and crystals special therapeutic properties and used them to solve energy imbalances and disorders of the skeletal-muscular and nervous system, developing this particular massage technique. “Hot Stone” is a massage performed on the whole body, with slow and circular movements, through the use of basalt stones.

The stones have different shapes and sizes, chosen according to the area to be treated, as well as the temperature: they can be used warm or at room temperature, but also alternately, in relation to body heat. The therapeutic action is based on the principle of thermal exchange and is achieved through a relaxing massage that enhances the psychophysical well-being.


Crystal Healing (Jade massage)

Although it is a ritual especially for the face, it begins and goes on with relaxing movements for the shoulders and back. The characteristic of the jade, the imperial YU, is to act on the nervous system as rebalancing. The spheres used in this massage allow for a more profound drainage action, other than the delight of the touch. Jade instills courage and affects excessive emotion by making it more calm and stable, while physically stimulating renal activity while maintaining the right balance of water and salts.

Today’s modern medicine collects teachings and testimonies from traditional East medicine, shamans and alchemists, on the properties and positive effects of crystal healing. Jade, in particular, is indissolubly tied to Chinese civilization, and in fact, for Confucians, it symbolizes the 5 moral virtues: goodness for its shine, wisdom for its harmoniousness, rectitude because it is translucent, courage for its compactness and hardness, fairness because it doesn’t cut. This precious stone is therefore regarded as a bearer of fortune.

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