Our food choices affect the climate changes more than transportation, heating and electric power, but usually we don’t consider it. The greenhouse gas emission are caused for the 31% by food production, as you can read in the Barilla Center Foundation for Food & Nutrition report.


Food Sustainability Media Award

The Barilla Foundation, together with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, promotes the Food Sustainability Media Award, an international award for professional journalists and emerging talens who want to examine the paradox of our food system and illustrate some less-known aspects of the food sustainability.


The Award

The award consists of three categories: written journalism, video and photos. For each category will be awarded both a published and an unpublished work. The winners for a published work will receive a 10.000€ award. The winners for unpublished works will receive a full paid travel to attend a media training course on food production sustainability, organized by Thomson Reuters Foundation.

You can partecipate from January 9 to May 31, 2017, enrolling through the website of the Food Sustainability Media Award. The winners will be announced during the eighth International Forum of the Barilla Center Foundation for Food & Nutrition on December 5.

More info here: Fondazione Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
Food Sustainability Media Award

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