This year the expense for the christmas gifts returns to be stable, after a negative tendency over the past years, according to the resurlts of Deloitte‘s Xmas Survey. Italians will spend on average 614€, with a decrease of just the 1% compared to the rest of Europe.


Which gifts?

The economic crisis not only limits the expenses, but also influences the kind of gifts and the desires: “useful” gifts are appreciated more than ever, while smartphones and technology in general lower their appeal. It has been registered also an increase of gifts based on experiences, such as travels, cinemas and theatres, smartboxes and restaurant’s dinners.

It seems that, in times like these, people prefer to give value to time and shared experiences, more than to objects. The wellness field, in particular, offers many opportunities to relax and recharge for the new year, or simply allow yourself to take a break and focus on your health.

A research by Secret Escapes shows how people tend to prefer spending Chritsmas in a foreign location, away from family and relatives, and take some time to themselves. The tendency is to choose small luxuries such as an hotel that provides Spa and wellness treatments or a gourmet restaurant.

Why don’t you choose a wellness gift at the AbanoRITZ, then? We offer four gift box inspired by the elements of nature that make this territory so special. Find out more on our website!


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