Our new rooms of the Creative Rooms collection


Like real “débutantes” at their first débutante ball, the rooms The wood and The Garage enter as part of our 5th floor creative proposition with a unique originality.

They arrive after the renovating summer work and they are already impressing the firsts guests who have seen them! Finally, we want to show them as befits new young promises, so let the party begin!


The room 508: The wood


Terry Poletto Designer and Art director


A famous aphorism by Flaiano said: a dreamer is a man with his feet well planted on the clouds. This is the kind of dreamer who will choose the room 508, one of the most luminous, positives and original rooms of the Creative Rooms’ collection of the AbanoRitz. The wood is for the one who loves to let to be excited telling apart the value of the complexity solved with simplicity.

In a thermal territory which has his own uniqueness of primary elements as the earth and the water, it couldn’t miss a room in wood and stone. Not so much and not only wood for the psychophysics’ wellness, but wood as roots and trunk. Not so much and not only stones for their properties and power, but stones as rocks and pebble.

The 508 – The Wood – is a room who pay attention, a room who beat of light and life.


The room 504: The garage


Terry Poletto Designer and Art director


Who nurtures the judgement’s independence and thinks that some journeys lead more to a destiny than a destination, he will have a lot from the room 504… a room on the road!

We say it isn’t the destination that counts, but the trip; in this room of the Creative Rooms’ collection, the destination and the trip are overlapped and overlapping.

For the room 504 – The garage – we cannot speak simply about creativity, cause in this room there is dream and game, magic and fantasy, not only design but uniqueness and originality of who decorating it found herself in a literally crossroads between: comic and travel journal, recycling and art, experience and emotion, curiosity and research.

Every detail (a wrench as handle and a big spring as table lamp) and every reinterpretation (a gasoline pump as tap and the front of a luxurious Jaguar as bed) will surprise us as a visionary narration, an oneiric journey.


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