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AbanoRitz between golf and theme parks

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Immersed in an extraordinary natural landscape, in the area of ​​the Euganean Hills Park, AbanoRitz is at the center of a network full of places of excellence and attraction under the naturalistic aspect that are definitely worth a visit this season and that are perfectly combined with a program of stay marked by relaxation and well-being.

AbanoRitz was born from the passion of its owners for the landscape that surrounds it – it was the first to rise in the area overlooking the Euganean Hills, compared to the town of Abano Terme – and this passion grew in synergy with its territory.

The list of places and realities of excellence known at European level that testify to the value of the naturalistic heritage of the Euganean Hills would be endless.. Here we want to highlight in particular the singularity of some places of naturalistic interest where the cultural intervention of man, in respect of the environmental context, has created reasons of great charm.

There are two places of excellence very close to AbanoRitz that we have the pleasure to tell and that we recommend to our guests to visit in this season: Villa Valsanzibio and its beautiful Italian park and the wonderful park of the Frassanelle golf complex with its caves of the Papafava Garden.

Frassanelle park


As is well known, AbanoRitz stands at the center of a unique golfing area. Among the realities that make up the Golf partner network, there is the Frassanelle Golf Club Park, which stands in a privileged position on the Papafava counts Antonini dei Carraresi, at the foot of the Euganean Hills. A wonderful nineteenth-century park of over 200 hectares, which has many reasons of charm and attraction..

The most curious element of the Papafava Park, rich in flora and fauna, in a scenario characterized by open spaces, woods and numerous pools of water, scattered along the golf course, are the caves of great charm, which arise under the villa.

These are artificial caves, but with an extraordinarily natural look that faithfully respects the geological structure of the natural caves that are already in the park, but access is difficult and dangerous. A typical element for a romantic park, the caves were built at the end of the 19th century over the course of 7 years. The project of reproduction of the natural environments present in the nearby hill, in stratified limestone was studied in detail with the intent to amaze and entertain the visitor who does not run risks along a journey lasting about half an hour walk.

Like the original caves, even the cavities reproduced under the Papafava villa present dungeons, tunnels, internal lakes, stalactites and stalagmites.

For fans of the Green here are our offers!

For the opening calendar, visit the Frassanelle Villa Papafava Facebook page.


The Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio – The little Versailles


Built between 1665 and 1696, the garden of Valsanzibio is an extraordinary example of a symbolic garden and a large garden of waters that are among the largest and most intact period gardens in the world. The Cardinal Gregorio Barbarigo, wanted the garden of Valsanzibio to be a monumental emblem of the way of perfection that leads man from Error to Truth, from Ignorance to Revelation.

Exceptional example of a baroque garden, “the little Versailles of the Euganean Hills” is adorned with over 60 Istrian stone statues that accompany architecture, streams, waterfalls, fountains, ponds and water jokes, over more than 10 hectares of surface with countless trees and shrubs. Furthermore, inside the complex there is the boxwood labyrinth, the symbolic Hermits Grotto, the Rabbits Island and the Statue of the Time.

The Garden won the first prize as ‘The most beautiful garden in Italy’ in 2003 and the third most beautiful in Europe in 2007.

For the connection from the AbanoRitz, contact the Reception. Transfers with Amon viaggi are available.


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