64 km cycling ring around Euganei hills

Venice region is one of the areas provided with the highiest number of cycling lanes and some of them are the most beautiful in the Country.

Just another reason to visit this area, since cycling within a sustainable way of living is getting more and more popular. It’s also one of the main ingredient for an active holiday into nature, with many cultural attractions.

You have many possibilities to enjoy Thermal area ciclying, both if you’re a hard ciclist or an easy going one!

In this case, if you’re an Abano RITZ guest you can join  Easy Activities program and have a good choiche to visit the area by bike.

If you’d like to take your time exploring the area on your own bike, the best choiche is to ride along the 60 km ciclying ring among the Regional Park

Main features of the route

Let’s have a glance to the main features of this beautiful ciclying lane, suitable for both well trained cyclists and relaxed ones.

The route is partly asphalted and partly unpaved or ‘white’, like cyclists say! The pavement is quite smooth anyway, so you can ride with a raicing bike.

Running along the canals, the cycling trail is far from roads and safe. You’ll only have to climb for 80 km high for 1 km long near Rovolon town.

The whole tour around the hills takes about 3/4 hours, excluding time for visits and rests. You can start anywhere along the cycling ring which goes passing the main thermal little centres. The trail is marked by blue E2 big signs along the route.

For further details, download the map here.

Some more information:

Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei/ Punti di interesse
Thermae Abano Montegrotto/Cicloturismo nei Colli Euganei
Ville Venete

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