The mackerel is protagonist of the Christmas table: taste, health and savings

Mackerel is a versatile and nutritious fish, particularly suitable for children, seniors and sportsmen, rich in Omega3, calcium, iron and vitamin D. Good, cheap and healthy, as Prof. Migliaccio, President Emeritus of the Italian Society of Food Science reminds us.


A versatile food

Tasty and nutritious, it is considered a true help for health and a versatile food in the kitchen. Its strong and decisive flavor, in fact, makes it usable in many recipes and also ideal for Christmas or New Year’s dinner, for a zero-kilometer alternative. The dinner of December 24 represents, in fact, always a real tribute to the fish cuisine, the “poor” one, tasty and typical of our tradition.

But this food is not just a must for the Christmas holidays. From a quick meal when there is little time to ingredient for elaborate recipes, it is consumed regularly throughout the year and lends itself to different uses in the kitchen, representing a sharply growing market.


Nutritional identikit

Mackerel is commercially available in different forms: fresh, frozen or canned. In its boxed version it preserves intact all the nutritive properties of fresh fish, with all the benefits that result for the heart and high cholesterol. It goes from the natural product to the extra-virgin olive oil, which further increases the protective effect on the heart and the arteries. Above all, the one in oil has a great success among children, helping them follow a healthy diet.


For children and atlethes

Mackerel is particularly suitable for seniors and children because it has no scales, very few bones and a high protein content. It is also rich in minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus, which make it the ideal food for athletes.

Mackerel fats are the best allies for the cardiovascular system as they “cleanse” the arteries and reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of incurring serious cardiovascular diseases. Not only that, they are a valid aid against inflammation of the digestive system and keep the brain functions active.

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