Tango: a sensual melancohly outburst

“A tango is the intimacy that is hidden and the shout that rises up nude!”

Enrique Santos Discépolo

From the 7th to the 11th of August the AbanoRitz Hotel will host the event “Relax Terme & Tango”. Five days rich of classes, exhibitions and dancing nights for all levels in collaboration with Tangholidays. But Tango is not simply a dance: it is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a school of thought, an alternative universe, an obsession. The 30th of September 2009 the Unesco has officially introduced the Tango Riplatese as Patrimony of Humanity.

The Tango appears in the end of 1800 between Buenois Aires and Montevideo. As most of the dances coming from poor environment, it is born from the need to create a proper cultural identity in a country which hosts different ethnicities since always. Creole rhythms and music mark a rhythm from the African Candombe, with traces of habanera, milonga and much more that mixing arrive at the perfect combination: the Tango. Unpredictable, deep, passionate, adjustable, performable.

Themes refer to life values: a community life in promiscuous and degraded conditions, where sex is stolen or to sell and where it is the family to hold high habits and traditions of the native lands. So, it comes out lyrics about the drinking, the amusement, the racket, the brothels, but even the nostalgy, the sadness, the love for the woman, the homeland, the barrio.

But Tango is also a language, it is passion and feeling. An introverted dance, a silent speech of souls, based on the improvisation, where the man drives and the woman follows, he as dominant and she as seductress. An elegant communication, direct and corporeal, sincere and passionate, deep sharing of thoughts, emotions.

Tango is for everyone: from the younger, to whom it teaches the seduction, to the young at heart, to whom it permits to keep on the love for the life. So, let’s dance it and let us seduce ourselves from this sensuality with no limits, let us surrender by the music getting free from the restrictions imposed by the society. The tango is danced with the heart.

“If you are melancholy, Tango sweetly caress your melancholy, if you are joyous, it is the right soundtrack to project on others your happiness. You are the Tango. Your emotions, your state of mind, your joys or your sadness define its color and its meaning. A track with huge rhythmic cadence and with a quiet rhythm may be melancholic and nostalgic for you and warm, involving and rich of sensuality for a friend of you. Which is the most realistic feeling? Both, because Tango is like this. It enters in the heart passing through the way it is opened at that moment and it takes its nature.”

Astor Piazzolla

Musical events at the AbanoRitz renew every week to gladden your stays, but they are opened to everyone wants to pass through to taste a cocktail to our bar with the tremble of his eardrums. Classic concerts in our concert room on Monday and then again jazz, voice and music, piano bar, DJ, …. Contact us to know more about it.

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