The spontaneity of Aries

“The foul is an awake dreamer”


We start again from Aries, the first and most essential zodiacal sign, the representation of the beginning of everything, the primitivism of nature. The “I” and the will in their purest form.

Ruled by the planet Mars, the lines of its character are pride, prodigy and dynamism. A personality comparable to the human organism that must be nourished and protected to grow up and evolve, and that is why Aries represents the first years of life.

The A major and the F sharp minor are the notes that accompany the evolution of the Aries born between the Seventh Symphony by Beethoven and Preludes and Escapes in F sharp minor from the well tempered Harpsichord by J.S. Bach. And it is the latter is one of the most famous Aries, accompanied from Leonardo da Vinci,Raffaello, Samuel Beckett, Vincent van Gogh and Charlie Chaplin among the many.

Like children, Aries are spontaneous, frank and open-minded, even if stubborn as well; they learn with fear and wonder, with a strong need to shine, to be the star, exploring ever new horizons, testing their physical and more limitations. They prefer the action over the thought, which is why they don’t believe in introspection and don’t ask for approval even though they want attention. Doubt and the risk of falling, of failing, are a great test for their self-confidence.

To help themselves, Aries have as stones the diamond, to increase the security in themselves, the ruby, to raise the fighting spirit, the emerald, to help the communication, and the amethyst, to relieve possible headaches coming from stress.

The plants of this zodiacal sign are the poppy, the thistle and the fern. As for the trees, it depends on the day of birth: during the equinox of spring we have the broom and the wild olive, from the 21th of March to the 14th of April the alder, the pomegranate and the cornel and from 15th to the 20th of April the plum and willow.

Colors of Aries are all the shapes of red, perfect for the first zodiacal sign of fire element.

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