Intensely Moon, extravagantly Cancer

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you. Then you win.”


Here we are in the sign of Cancer (22nd of June – 23rd of July), fourth of the zodiac and first among the signs of water. And we make this entry by listening to the compositions of this sign in key of E minor (First symphony by Sibelius, for example) and in key of E flat minor (Prelude in E flat minor by Brahms, for example).

Cancer is the depth of feelings, the protection and the home: it represents therefore the maturation of man, when he begins to found his basis and he acquires that necessary introspection in order to understand life. Ruled by the Moon and symbolized by a crab, it is associated to the deep emotions, the life of the subconscious. The tides are controlled by the moon, the ocean is therefore like a universe of the widespread feeling and the cancer like a crystallization of the emotions. The shell of the crab symbolizes the hiding of an extremely sensitive inner world.

Cancer’s personality is mainly extravagant, aggressive in achieving its own goals, however protective and patient. Often those born under the sign of Cancer prefer not to ask, expecting others to understand their needs by going to their aid. Despite their enormous capacity for communication, verbal and non-verbal, these do not look for the esteem of others; the private sphere is in fact where Cancer find their maximum expression, where they can better exercise their magic.

The colors of Cancer are the light ones as cream or white. As for the stones, you can rely on the moonstone to rebalance mood swings or to relieve stomach pain, on the pearl to appease the sadness and lessen the sense of loneliness or to strengthen the bones and to the chrysolite to support the optimism resisting the emotional instability.

The plants of Cancer are the white lily and the rushes, while for what it concerns the trees, it depends on the day of birth: heather, cedar and linden during the summer solstice, from the 22nd of June to the 7th of July the oak, while the holly from the 8th to the 22nd of July.

For our part, at the AbanoRitz SPAce the Cancer cabin waits for you on the first floor, in the lobby of the swimming pools, between the gym and the emotional shower, for a total remise-en-forme by our physiotherapists. Ad hoc programs for every need and problem, as well as for a simple thermal massage, with kneading technique, decontracturing and relaxing, which you can also enjoy in the shade of our gazebo, immersed in the nature of our 6000 square meters of park-garden.

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