Swimming in Thermæ

“Swimming is a sport of silences, imagination and fantasies.”

Marco Pastonesi

Swimming is a complete sport, full of benefits for our physical and mental health and which involves most of the body’s muscles; an Olympic sport as much as a recreational one, it can therefore stimulate children and young people by helping them to improve at school, as well as in their private lives, by learning discipline, methodology and order.

Water is an exceptional training ground and the benefits are certainly intensified by immersion in thermal water. Swimming is suitable for all ages and levels, in facts, when you are in the water, your weight perception is halved, which means that even those who are less athletic can gradually take up the challenge without risk (however, a short warm-up before entering the water is always recommended).

The contraindications are just a few, but very serious ones. For example, in case of joint problems or other specific pains, it is always better to be followed by a trainer or to have a sports medicine check-up to avoid making the situation worse. Depending on the pathology, certain styles are highly inadvisable.

It is a real panacea for the bones strengthening above all the ribcage and the spine, for the heart reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and keeping cholesterol under control, for the body reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass, for the mood producing endorphins like most of the sports.

In children, this sport is particularly important for strengthening muscles and preventing scoliosis, but in addition to the physical benefits, swimming helps to improve children’s cognitive skills, concentration and self-esteem.

At the AbanoRitz two semi-Olympic thermal pools add further benefits, those of the Euganean Thermæ with their salty-bromine-iodine water and extraordinary therapeutic value. From balneotherapy to hydrokinesiotherapy, passing through swimming, for sports and other activities, all you have to do is to try!

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