The Thermae at the table: a culinary experience between wellness and tradition

Exploring Abano Terme, its surroundings and the Euganean basin means immersing oneself in a world of wellness, relaxation and tradition. Indeed, it is not only the thermal water that makes this place so special, but also the local cuisine: a treasure made of tradition and authenticity. Abano Terme is a must for food and wine tourism in the Veneto region and the Abano Ritz is waiting for you to delight your palate.

The culinary tradition of the Euganean thermal basin

The cuisine of our area is a mix of tradition and authenticity that reflects the different cultures that have left their mark on this land over the centuries. From its peasant roots to the flavors of the Veneto cuisine, each dish tells a story of passion and dedication to good food. One of the secrets of this cuisine is the use of high-quality local products, and we do no less: zero km ingredients and selected meats are the basis of every delicacy prepared by the Abano Ritz kitchen.

Traditional dishes not to be missed

During your visit, you cannot miss some traditional dishes that represent the culinary soul of this resort and are often offered by our kitchen at the Abano Ritz. Among the must-try dishes are “Bigoli al torchio”, a homemade kind of pasta served with a duck or anchovy sauce. Another classic to try is “Baccalà”, creamed or Vicenza style, strictly accompanied by polenta. Don’t forget to also try “Pasta e Fagioli”, a peasant beans soup with pasta that will warm your heart and palate, taking you back to the kitchens of your childhood.

The marriage of food and wellness

In the Euganean basin, the wellness begins from the thermae and the thermal treatments, but the cuisine remains an integral part of the overall wellness experience. At the Abano Ritz, our brigade knows how to create dishes that satisfy both the palate and the desire to feel in harmony with one’s body. Fresh ingredients and balanced combinations are the basis of the hotel’s culinary philosophy, which aims to offer a complete wellness experience.

The wine-food pairing

The Veneto region is famous for its fine wines and the Abano Ritz, which is part of the Euganean Hills Wine Route, offers a careful selection of local labels that go perfectly with the offered dishes. From Amarone to Prosecco, each glass is a journey to the roots of the territory.

Abano Terme is much more than a thermal destination. It is a unique place where the traditional cuisine and the wellness meet. Discovering local dishes and savoring authentic flavors is an integral part of a trip to Abano Terme, not to mention its waters. The Abano Ritz, with its thermal tradition, its passion for cuisine and its commitment to promoting local food and wine, is the ideal place to enjoy this unique experience. We are therefore waiting for you to… taste the thermae!

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