A game of chess… with the heart!

“And you used to smile and you stole cherries / Our lips lighted / one whole thing was ourselves.”


Marostica, the “city of chess” in the province of Vicenza, at the foot of Asiago, just one hour far from the AbanoRitz, it is known all over the world, in fact, for the game of living chess that takes place in September, every two years, in the main square of the city, to the Castle. But today we also talk about it because the flagship product of Marostica is right one of the protagonists of the table of this period: the cherry!

Marostica Cherry (also called “durone”, ed.) has a recognizable heart shape and it is decidedly juicy; the only one among other things to be able to boast the PGI recognition in Italy. The famous Cherry Festival takes place every last Sunday of May in celebration of the so-called “red gold” that kicks off the spring seasonal fruit and, in this period, there are many dishes based on this fruit.

The first documents certifying the Marostica Cherry date back to the XV century, during a peculiar chess game. During 1454, in fact, there was a challenge between the two young men who contended for the hand of the governor’s daughter: in chess. The winner would have clearly married her. The match was played with the living pawns, as usual, and on the wedding day the governor gave the order to plant cherry trees on the entire municipality. This is how the tradition was born for which, every two years in September, the game made with human chess is evoked. From this original and funny situation was born the logo of Marostica Cherry IGP: a red fruit with stalk and green leaf superimposed on a medieval tower that represents the piece of the famous chessboard placed on the square of Marostica.

And after this legend, we will eat cherries with much more taste! Among other things, it is an ally for health: it protects the heart, has painkiller effects, promotes the control of hypertension and diuresis. And for those who think of the line… know that these sweet cherries have very few calories, do not have cholesterol and are rich in minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. What are you waiting for? One cherry pulls the other

Come and enjoy them at the AbanoRitz!

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