The Charm of Novello Wine from the Euganean Hills: A Journey into Volcanic Flavors
The Euganean Hills, a enchanting hilly landscape located in the northeastern Veneto region of Italy, are renowned for their panoramic beauty and rich winemaking traditions. Among the vinicultural gems of this region, Novello Wine stands out as an authentic expression of winemaking art that celebrates the just-concluded harvest.

Novello Wine: A Hymn to Winemaking Youthfulness
Novello Wine is a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of Italian wine culture. It is a young beverage, produced from the must of the recent grape harvest and released to the market shortly after fermentation. This style of wine is characterized by its vibrant color and fresh taste, with an aromatic profile that celebrates the vitality of the new harvest.
In the Euganean Hills, Novello Wine becomes an authentic celebration of nature and agricultural work. The hills, thanks to their volcanic soil – a hallmark of the thermal territory where AbanoRitz is located – impart unique mineral characteristics to the wine.

Euganean Hills: The Volcanic Terroir that Defines the Wines
The Euganean Hills owe their distinctive geological composition to volcanic activity that shaped the region millennia ago. Volcanic soils provide the vines with a mineral-rich substrate, creating ideal conditions for the production of high-quality wines. The combination of volcanic soils and favorable climate creates a unique environment that is reflected in the flavors of local wines and the unique and original offerings of thermal hospitality.

Tasting Excellence: Tips for Appreciating Novello Wine from the Euganean Hills
To fully appreciate the complexity and freshness of Novello Wine from the Euganean Hills, it is advisable to follow some simple steps during the tasting:

  1. Observe the color: Novello presents itself with an intense and vibrant ruby color, a sign of its youthfulness.
  2. Enveloping aroma: Bringing the glass to the nose will reveal an intense fragrance of red fruits, spices, and mineral notes typical of the volcanic terroir.
  3. Savor with careful delicacy: Sipping slowly allows you to capture the fruity freshness and spicy nuances, while the mineral aftertaste leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Gastronomic pairings: Novello Wine pairs well with traditional autumnal dishes such as cured meats, fresh cheeses, and mushroom-based dishes.

A Journey through the Euganean Hills via Novello Wine
Novello Wine from the Euganean Hills are more than just a beverage; they are an authentic sensory experience that transports the taster on a journey through volcanic landscapes and millennia-old traditions of the region.

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