We know that in summer there is a seaside desire, but it is also true that staying in the city has become an opportunity as well, so many are the proposals of a Padovaa increasingly curious and purposeful. So also the tourists who choose the Thermae, going beyond the fashions, will find something to sink their teeth into, seen the great choises that offer Notturni Padovani.

Notturni Padovani 2022 include a visit to the “Cycles of frescoes of the fourteenth century of Padua”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as the Scrovegni Chapel, the renovated Baptistery, the Eremitani Church, the Palazzo della Ragione, the Reggia Carrarese, the Basilica del Santo and the Oratory of San Giorgio; then the visit of the Botanical Garden, the Museum of the History of Medicine, the Jewish Ghetto and Padua, the cloisters of the monastic complex of the Abbey of Santa Giustina.
There will be sensory experiences with tastings at Pedrocchi Cafè and, among the new 2022, there will be walks through history with guided tours of the underground of Palazzo della Ragione and even visits to the most important monuments accompanied by live music.

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