Dads to celebrate

Father’s Day is a special occasion to show all the love and appreciation to our dads. While Mother’s Day since long had a special place on the calendar, fathers are often overlooked when it comes to celebrating this holiday. But don’t worry, because at the  Abano Ritz we have the perfect idea to make your dad happy: our gift vouchers!

The origins of Father’s Day

The origins of Father’s Day date back to the beginning of the 20th century. The day originated with the aim of honoring fathers and celebrating their role in the family. Father’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1910 at the behest of Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to honor her father, a war veteran, for raising her and her five siblings alone. The holiday was initially celebrated on the 19th of June, Sonora’s father’s birthday, but was later moved to the third Sunday of June to make it a national holiday. The celebration was moved to the 19th of March in Catholic countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain, being the day of St Joseph, father of Jesus.

The father of a matriarchy

Our regular guests already know our story. “This hotel is a home” for us is not only a kind of mantra, but also a little autobiographical exposition on the origins of the Abano Ritz. We boast four generations of matriarchy, but it would have been nothing without the brilliant insights of the engineer Luigi Poletto, Ida and Terry Poletto’s father… and also a bit of a father of the Abano Ritz. From his ideas, from simple sketches on sheets of paper, this structure was born 60 years ago. For some it was a leap in the dark, but as we have already written, being an entrepreneur does not simply mean having your own business, but also knowing how to take risks. The heritage of the Abano Ritz is strong, especially working in large part with customers who have been loyal since generations, but it is the warm “home” atmosphere which makes us special.

We give the gift of well-being at Abano Ritz

Do we want to make Father’s Day an unforgettable experience for our beloved father? Men also deserve to take care of themselves and relax, so what could be better than a thermal experience at the Abano Ritz? Our gift vouchers are valid for one year and offer a wide range of wellness treatments and services.

From thermal treatments to relaxing massages and rejuvenating therapies to sports and decontracting massages. Our wellness center offers a wide range of options to satisfy every desire and need. Our classic, elegant and comfortable rooms offer an oasis of tranquility, while our cuisine is ready to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

“When a newborn baby clutches its father’s finger in its tiny fist for the first time, it has captured him forever”.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Never forget to celebrate our Dad, by showing our gratitude for everything he does. The Abano Ritz will be the perfect accomplice to make this Father’s Day a special and memorable moment. Give your dad the opportunity to immerse himself in an oasis of wellness and let him return home with a feeling of total relaxation and satisfaction… perhaps even accompanying him!

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