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As you already know, the Thermae of Abano and Montegrotto are unique in Europe for the benefits and the properties in the treatment and the prevention of rheumatic and arthritic diseases. Thermal mud therapy significantly relieves the pain that accompanies some diseases of the osteoarticular system such as rheumatism, osteoporosis and osteoporosis. The characteristics of our mud positively affect general health by reducing drugs intake. For this reason they are recognized by the Health National System.

The Clay of the Euganean Thermal Basin is enriched by following a process of maturation in the thermal baths. It is mainly taken from the bottom of the lakes of Lispida and of Arquà Petrarca, always part of the Euganean area, and then left to mature in thermal water coming from the underground. This comes to us from the Prealps, after a long underground path of several years during which the simple rainwater is enriched with mineral salts and warms up totally transforming itself into hyperthermal salt-bromo-iodic water.

The AbanoRitz baths are supervised and cared for by Paolo, our professional mud carrier. Each one is classified with colored tags following the whole maturation process.

Let’s see together the different moments of a mud therapy session accompanied by Simona, our “fanghina by chance“:

  1. Simona, waiting for the client, mixes the mud, leaving it to oxygenate and bring it homogeneously to the same temperature. 
  2. The client sits down while Simona applies the mud so as to slowly accustom the body to the heat (about 40°). 
  3. When the body has taken the right temperature, the customer lies down and Simona applies the mud on the joints and other concerned parts. 
  4. The client remains well covered, as in a cocoon, for about 20 minutes. 
  5. Simona helps the client to remove excess mud in the shower with thermal water. 
  6. The client enjoys a good quarter of an hour of ozone thermal bath, which helps to stimulate the skin and awaken the circulation after the mud therapy. 

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