“To crazies and Taurus do not turn around”

“Reason is a hand pressed on the chest to calm down the beat of our messy heart.”

Nicolás Gómez Dávilà

The growth and the development of the Taurus, the first zodiac sign of earth, represent the most maternal aspects of the “I”: the care, the education and the maintenance; practically the transition from childhood to adolescence.

The arrival of awareness that you have in the passage of age, brings with itself a dual responsibility: learn to use what you already have and take care of it. Autonomy. Despite this is one of the strength points, the Taurus love very much comfort and rest and not being perpetually active. This learning new things and this quiet are accompanied by the F major, as The Brandenburg concert of Brahms, and by the E major, as Vivaldi’s Spring.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus harmonizes and beautifies its environment. This need for harmony brings the born under this sign to an unexpected flexibility which is opposed to the stubbornness and the fighting spirit that distinguishes them. They are extremely strategic, therefore waiting for the right moment to implement their plans treated in the smallest details. Not easy then the teamwork with the risk to almost pass for selfish. They still have a big heart and they live for the people they love.

The colors of Taurus are the dark green and all shades of blue. As for the stones, you can rely on the pink quartz, to inspire imagination, on the emerald, to increase the self-confidence, and on the lapis lazuli to deepen the activities on a material level.

The plants of Taurus are the daisy, the dandelion and the lily, while for the trees it depends from the birthday: from the 21st of April to the 12th of May the blackthorn and the willow, as from the 13th to the 21st of May the hawthorn.

At the AbanoRitz SPAce the cabin of the Taurus hides the reign of Adriana, one of our estheticians. We suggest then her flagship treatements: those of the house Maria Galland, a brand that is synonymous of professionalism and well-being of excellence.

Maria Galland, in the Paris of the 60’s, said that beauty depended on the unique energy released within each one of us and that it could be valued and revealed thanks to a really new generation of cosmetics. We, at Abanoritz SPAce, love to treat and pamper you and for this we propose these specialties for every type of skin.

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