The brilliance of Gemini

“The real rebel knows the fear but how to overcome it as well.”

Luis Sepulveda

Here the Gemini (22nd of May – 21st of June), the third sign of the zodiac and the first among the signs of air. And in the air we can hear his compositions in key of G Major (Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, for example) and G Minor (BrahmsRhapsody in G Minor, for example).

This sign has a mental orientation which leads him to represent the readiness of thought and the ease of communication with a great open mind. Lively and with a great adaptability, the Gemini, being the first among the double signs, need a companion. Mercury rules this sign giving an enormous speed being, among the gods, the winged messenger with this primacy. The fixed and earthly energies that characterize Taurus and Cancer, signs that precede and follow Gemini, are transformed by the latter into protective and sensitive energies.

The personality of the Gemini represents the third period of life, that is the passage from adolescence to adulthood, moment that is characterized by the desire to integrate, the affirmation of himself. The revelation of one’s own individuality in search of continuous adventures. Gemini, in fact, are easily bored and need to escape, to change and to live exciting experiences. They have a strong energy to burn and, for this reason, they are attracted to activities that give the sense of exaltation. Among these is the journey, in all its forms.

The colors of Gemini are yellow and light green. As for the stones, however, you can rely on citrine to have cheerfulness in communicating, on amber to mitigate the flights of imagination and on tourmaline to help the concentration.

The plants of the Gemini are the tansy, the yarrow and the privet, while for the trees depend on the day of birth: from the 22nd May to the 9th of June there is the hawthorn, from the 10th to the 21st of June the oak and during the summer solstice the heather, the cedar and the linden.

Given the need for a companion for those born under this sign, at the AbanoRitz SPAce the cabin Gemini is dedicated to couples massage: two operators available for a total body massage in the name of relaxation. Perfect alone, as also preceded by a mud therapy session with ozone bath in our twin cabin: magical ingredients for a romantic weekend with your partner as for a regenerating weekend with friends.

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