The 2019 HOROSCOPE…of the Thermae at AbanoRitz! First tranche

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Happy beginning 2019 by Wellness & Relax too, our blog’s branch adedicated to Thermae in its double meaning of wellness and wellbeing. With the first one we mainly mean the quality or the health condition ; with the second one we express the joyful, healthy and successful conditions successo (Global Wellness Institute). Them both are employed in a SPA, a location where people usually go to improve their health and their appearance relaxing and having a rest. RitzSPAce is our SPA “Salus Per Aquam”, as ancient Romans defined thermal waters and their benefits, and only in this way a place can be defined SPA.

As every beginning of the year, we cannot miss the astral predictions that we took pleasure in associating with our thermae and relax treatments, sign by sign, cause every one of the twelve astrology houses presents his own world, exactly as our twelve treatments which identify themselves: discover them here!

Aries 2019
The new year will be full of new projects to develop, maybe in a destination rich of positive vibes. The destination is the thermae. The 2019 treatment for you: Thermal Colors by AbanoSPA – thermal sensorial ritual. It is a spa ritual for the body, with a “tailor-made” massage and ozonated bath. All natural, is composed of clay and thermal water, embellished with zero-kilometer vegetable ingredients, coming from the Euganean Hills. Inspired in the concept and in the textures to the 5 colors of the well-being, it combines the benefits of thermal water with aromatherapy and chromotherapy …

Taurus 2019
The sign will have, thanks to Jupiter, a year full of transformations. The perfect journey could be a thermal destination. The 2019 treatment for you is: Modeling shaping with caffeine, ocean algae and centella asiatica. A draining treatment to free the tissue from excess liquids and split the adipose molecules into smaller parts to facilitate destocking. Finally an intense mango butter massage for a toning action…

Gemini 2019
A year with few conflicts, the one in store for the Gemini, it could be better to take your time in a thermal destination. The 2019 treatment for you is: Floating room – sensorial floating bath. To achieve a deep relaxation effect through floating and thanks to a high concentration of salts in the water. Little by little the lights and the music will fade until you get to the absolute darkness and silence, canceling all the external stimuli. Here’s how to rebalance physical and mental stress situations in a natural and non-invasive way.

Cancer 2019
 Few incertitude, few melancholy for the firsts months of the year… it’s all Uranus’ fault. The ideal destination is the thermae. The treatment 2019 for you is: Candle massage – multisensorial experience, a wellness ritual. The light of a candle, the oils and vegetable butters that slowly melt and slip on the body. A swirl of fragrances and pleasant emotions for the senses. A relaxing massage performed with 100% natural candles, enhanced by essences, for a regenerating effect.

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