Giulia is a new entry at the wellness center of the AbanoRitz Hotel. The working experience in an herbalist shop brought her in starting a career for the people physical and mental cure and she was so passionate that she decided to attend naturopathy studies. Her wellness thirst brought her in wanting to know and learn more particular techniques and so the Wood-therapy became her flagship treatment: technique learnt by a teacher from Colombia. The wood-therapy consists in using hand-carved woods, with various shapes and sizes, for the deep drainage of the lymph and it fights water retention and heaviness of the lower limbs as well. Also, it helps to decrease the extra fat on the abdomen.

Giulia, as “AbanoRitz home delivery”, wants to share with us few suggestions about the use of some essential oils:


Lavender essential oils are useful to sanitize the rooms, purify the air and transmit relaxation and serenity. On the body, also as cream, they are indicated against psoriasis and for acne or irritated skin. Moreover, since in this period we all try the most varied homemade recipes, one or two drops of lavender in desserts give a very sweet and intense aroma.


Lemon, orange, lemongrass or bergamote essential oils are useful to purify and hygienically the ambient, but mainly, also in creams, they are perfect to fight against cellulite and against the water retention. Then there is no need to remember that citrus notes are at home in the kitchen.

And for our quiet stay-at-home afternoons, here few cure-all:

  1. Herbal tea to increase the IMMUNE SYSTEM (really useful especially with the change of season):

Ginger, mint, karkadè, rose.

  1. DIGESTIVE herbal tea:

Gentian, mint, fennel.

  1. DEPURATIVE herbal tea:

Boldo, artichoke, dandelion, licorice.

  1. Herbal tea for CHILDREN:

Karkadè, orange flowers, cinnamon.

What else… now we wait for you at the AbanoRitz to try the so particular and original Wood-therapy.

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