An end decade in full relaxation

“The peace comes from inside. Do not look for it outside.”


We end this 2019 in style with two new important arrivals in the team of our AbanoRitz SPAce. Chanunya and Marco join our professional masseurs enriching the propositions of our wellness center.

Today we meet a little bit Chanunya, directly from Thailand. She arrives in Italy for love bringing with herself the consciousness and the philosophy of the Thai massage. Psychophysics wellness given by, fingers, hands, elbows, feet and knees: here the natural work instruments.

Everything born in 50s at the School of Medicine and traditional Massage which is located in Bangkok in the Wat Po temple. This last is a complex of almost 80.000 m2 with more than 1000 images and sculptures of Buddha. Among these, the most known is the laying Buddha (Phra Buddhasaiyas) which is the biggest in Thailand. The complex is divided in two main areas, enclosed and divided by the street Soi Chetuphon. The north area is the holy one, where there are the temples and the massages school; the southern one is more residential with a monastery which hosts monks and a school.

“The Thai massage” explain the school director, Serat Tongtrongchitz, “is almost 2.500 years old and it betrays different influences. The technic consists in acting on energetic lines of the human body and on precise pressure points with specific movements by masseurs that use feet and elbows as well to do focused pressures. The objective is to balance the four elements at the base of the organism as well: air, earth, fire and water”.

Chanunya joints the AbanoRitz family in order to offer pure relaxing moments to our clients, but Thai massage releases strain and muscles pain as well, it reduces tension, headache, it facilitates the muscles and joints mobility. Also, it stimulates the bloodstream and it improves the functioning of the immune system. It is a treatment which gives benefits to children as well, positively acting on the mood and improving their muscle and nervous system. All this, added to Thermae of Abano benefits, patented and recognized by the Italian National Sanitary System, are the perfect arguments for a wellness vacation at the AbanoRitz.

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