Joan Miró in Padua: Materiality and Metamorphosis

Nature morte au papillon, 18 set 1935 Gouache and ink of china on paper 30,5×37 cm, © Fundação de Serralves, Porto


From Saturday March 10th to Sunday July 22nd 2018, Padua offers a special occasion to see Joan Miró’s masterpieces, inside the halls of Palazzo Zabarella.

The works on display by the Spanish artist – painter, sculptor and ceramist – are as many as 85 and come straight out of Portugal for the first time.
The curator Robert Lubar Messeri says he is “particularly excited and curious to see how the Italian and Paduan audience will respond. The location is perfect, it will be a unique exhibition”.

The works are owned by the Portuguese government and their transfer was possible thanks to the excellent relations established with the Portuguese Minister of Culture Luís Filipe Carrilho de Castro Mendes who inaugurated the exhibition on Friday 9 March. For the first time, therefore, the important series of works could leave the country.


The Exhibition

Materiality and Metamorphosis collects eighty-five paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and tapestries from the extraordinary collection of works by the surrealist master.

The bases of the exhibition, which spans six decades of activity, are the physical naturalness of the supports used by the artist and the processing of materials as the foundation of artistic practice. In his exploration of materiality, Miró decisively expanded the boundaries of twentieth-century artistic production techniques. He also developed an innovative sign language that changed the course of modern art.

Morphology is the operative principle of Miró’s work: everything is in permanent flow and change status. Morphology understood not as a variation of form and structure in a scientific context, but as a transformation along the internal process of its working methods.



Timetables and contacts

Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00. The ticket office closes at 18.15. Closed on Monday.

Telephone (+39) 049 8753100


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