Scene di Paglia, the theatrical festival between Padua and Venice

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From June 17th begins the 9th edition of “Scene di Paglia“, theatrical festival that takes place in the Saccisica area, between Padua and Venice.

Casoni (rural buildings with a straw-covered roof), water pumps, benedictine courts, villas, stables and squares of the Saccisica, between land and water, will host theater performances and concerts, in a mix between culture and territory that made Scene di Paglia, year after year, one of the most interesting summer appointments.

Not to be missed the opening jazz concert of Paolo Fresu and his Devil Quartet, with free admission in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Piove di Sacco (PD), but equally interesting are the theatrical proposals of the following days, featuring both great names such as Marco Paolini and emerging and experimental companies. The complete program is available at

Each edition of the festival has a theme, a thread that links all the artistic proposals that unfolds during two weeks of shows and performances; this year’s theme is “Remembering the future“.


Discover the venues

The dialogue between the artistic proposals and the venues of the festival is essential. Public spaces and sometimes private ones, often rediscovered or opened for the occasion, have allowed in these years to bring together elements of beauty and history of a territory deeply marked by a developmental processes uncontrolled and not always attentive to the peculiarities and fragility of the environment.

In addition to the shows, the festival offers several opportunities to discover the history and the territory in an original way: from guided tours to the Santa Margherita water pump in Codevigo, to canoeing excursions in the lagoon, to guided walks along the banks of Saccisica.

For further information and booking, please contact the Teatro Filarmonico di Piove di Sacco by calling 049 9709319 or324 6980644 or writing to

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