Cheers to the Summer!

“There is not a word that is worth to make the colours with a so delicate and rich variety sloping, of blue and of green, the colour of the clouds, and the shape of the hills, which either alone or side with each other fraternally, are embellished with the mute beauty […]”

Francesco Petrarca

The Euganean Hills with their richness of culture and wine&food give unforgettable experiences to the AbanoRitz guests and finally we all go back to experience the nature that surrounds us in this summer 2021.

We can return to visit the cultural heritage along the Strada del Vino of the Euganean Hills from Villa dei Vescovi to the Castle of Catajo passing through the historic park of Villa Frassanelle without forgetting the labyrinth of Villa Barbarigo and so on. Different thematic events to enjoy the freshness of these villas and parks: to discover at the AbanoRitz reception. Also resumes Sentieri Sonori for a summer full of music under the stars in the beautiful Euganean setting. Here the program and we recommend you comfortable shoes, anti-mosquito spray and a cover to sit on the ground!

The Strada del Vino of the Euganean Hills organizes two interesting gastronomic events: with the Dinner in the Vineyard, the cellars of the Euganean Hills open their vineyards and their barrels, while with the Picnic in the Vineyard are proposed gourmet choices to taste in the shade of rows and olive trees and immersed in breath-taking landscapes.

If you prefer the river routes, here is the return of the Naviglio DiVino: an evening trip along the Naviglio Padovano on board of the Burchiello tasting the goodness of our Euganean Hills: a joy for the eyes and the papillae.

And always about water, the AbanoRitz waits for you to discover the origins of the “magic” waters of Abano Terme. A tradition that already at the time of the ancient Romans brought here large flows of tourists and that over the years has been confirmed as destination ad hoc for preventive health.

Food&Wine, culture, wellness and health: here the perfect ingredients for a regenerating holiday at the AbanoRitz.

We wait for you!

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