Beer: the recipe for happiness

“Bring us a shot of beer to drink but cold, with or without foam, dark or light, but it must be a beer.”

Giorgio Gaber

20th of March, International Happiness Day.

The World Happiness Report every year examines the global happiness level on the base of six key points: GDP per capita, social support, expectancy of life, freedom of choice, kindness and perception of the corruption. On 156 Countries, Italy is at the 25th place, while Finland wins again. Come on, we are not so bad in the Bella Italia, right?!

Already the philosophers of the ante Christ dedicated their lives to the understanding of Happiness. Just think of Aristotle, who had as his ultimate goal the attainment of the personal happiness and the self-fulfilment. Since 1938 to the present day, Harvard conducted a study monitoring the health of some students so as to understand what keeps happiness in people. The result seems quite obvious: having strong and stable relationships helps you to be more long-lived as well as happy.

Maybe we didn’t need Harvard to understand the importance of social relationships, especially in the historical period we are living. The Oxford University and CBS News, in fact, highlight the role of pubs as places of aggregation and socialization attesting how moderate alcohol consumption can help people to be more sociable, uninhibited and empathetic. Beer, in particular, is also a cure-all for the health thanks to the mix of vitamin B, phosphorus, folic acid, niacin, protein, fiber and silicon in it. Also, Scientific Reports published how the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg discovered that ordenin, present in malted barley, would activate the dopamine D2 receptor through G proteins, stimulating the brain’s reward center longer.

The AbanoRitz is a partner of the Wine Route of the Euganean Hills and collaborates with Viaggiare Curiosi for excellent tastings of local products in the wineries of our territory. Recently we also welcomed the brewery Birdo’, born in 2014 from ideas, thoughts and attempts that are quickly realized in a unique product for our territory. You can discover the passion of these young brewers, but above all touch it with your hand (and your taste buds) just a few minutes far from the AbanoRitz.

The Wine Route of the Euganean Hills is a network of farms and farmhouses, wineries, bed & breakfast and hotels, restaurants and trattorias of the thermal area within the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills. A “route” to discover the food and wine and the culture of our territory.

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