Women and nutrition: over 35 and millennials compared

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A recent Doxa/Unaitalia survey investigates, through a generational comparison, the relationship between Italian women and nutrition. Different approaches but combined with the Mediterranean style: a table with lots of fruits, vegetables and white meats.

The results of the survey have highlighted how food is still a foundation of Italian culture, and that is hardly allowed to be influenced by stereotypes and new eating habits. Italian women, in fact, like to eat, are mindful of good food and do not let themselves be conditioned by guilty feelings at the table. Younger girls find themselves fond of cooking while older ones are concerned with the quality and origin of foods. They all follow a complete and balanced diet, they do not give up meat, especially the chicken, considered a light, healty and versatile food.


A Mediterranean menu

A healthy lifestyle, following a complete and balanced diet, is the basis of female nutrition. According to the Doxa survey, over 70% of Italian women declare to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Carbohydrates are not feared, with bread and pasta consumed regularly, and there is also a good supply of protein, both of animal and vegetable origin.

Although the overwhelming debate on the role of animal proteins, especially red and processed meat, as well as the advancement of vegetarian and vegan trends, have led to a general reduction in meat consumption especially among over 35, Italian women do not give up on a complete and balanced diet that also includes this protein source. While it is true that most women admit to having reduced the consumption of many types of meat, almost all (over 90%) continues to bring it to the table.

Among the meats, there is no doubt, chicken is the favorite and most consumed. It is a friend of fitness, ally of wellness and versatile in many preparations. According to Italian women, chicken and white meats are appreciated for many reasons: they are low-fat and nutritious, practical and quick to cook, versatile for many recipes, suitable for a healthy lifestyle.


Women always dieting? Let’s debunk the myth

Research shows that, against all stereotypes, Italian women do not feel the need to be always on a diet. They are mindful of their appearance – girls under 35 in particular – but most women of every generation – 65% – declare to be on average satisfied with their body image. In any case, do-it-yourself diets are banned, replaced by a more healthy sense of consciousness with greater attention to the portions and moderate physical activity.

For all of them food is first of all a social and sharing experience. Talking to family members, friends and relatives while eating is the preferred situation by a large majority of them. Only a few say they keep the TV switched on during meals, while ubiquitous tablets and phones disappear on women’s tables.


The joy of cooking

For this reason, perhaps, the number of young cooking enthusiasts is growing: a hobby to cultivate in leisure time, experiencing new flavors and tastes, cooking for passion.

But if it is true that women are becoming consumers who like to experiment in the kitchen, they are also careful when it comes to groceries shopping. One in three admits to be scrupulous and chooses her food based on the information on the label. 12% say they care for their health and choose their products accordingly, while only 21% claim to shop by routine.

Generational differences emerge when it comes to purchising power. While the price factor remains a priority for millennials, purchasing quality ingredients that are suitable for a healthy lifestyle and verifying label origin, making sure that you buy only Made in Italy are key factors for over 35.


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