Tourism is Home at the AbanoRitz

“Destination is to leave”

Giuseppe Ungaretti

September 27th is the International Day of Tourism, the engine of our Bel Paese. In Italy, in fact, tourism has become increasingly important, especially for the economy of the Country. This anniversary certainly has a special significance as it is dedicated to the perhaps most affected sector of this pandemic and arriving, this year, at a time of rebirth in which we finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The UNWTO (Global Tourism Organization) has chosen as this year’s slogan “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” as to underline its ability to regenerate without leaving anyone behind, in particular the most disadvantaged groups. The aim of the organization is to guide the tourism sector towards a more inclusive, sustainable and responsible recovery and growth. We then go towards a greener Tourism!

The AbanoRitz, among other things, always in step with the times and attentive to the territory, for several years has been working on the concept of sustainable holiday with Gocce Euganee, a project which encloses several realities of eco-sustainable tourism in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills and that we invite you to discover as well.

The encyclopaedia Treccani defines tourism as “the set of activities and multi-purpose services that refer to the temporary transfer of people from the place of habitual residence to another location for the purpose of recreation, distraction, culture, care, sport, etc.”. At AbanoRitz is definitely something more: it’s home, it’s family, it’s work, it’s well-being, it’s health, it’s welcome and much more that we invite you to discover, to share and to repeat.

Since almost 60 years the Poletto Family has been dedicated to welcoming in this House; among the slogans of the AbanoRitz we find in fact “This hotel is a house”. And it’s just like this: for this reason more than 60% of our clients is now loyal and pampered with ad hoc offers: our AbanoRitz Lovers, as we love to call them! And surely it was them, it was you with your affection, with your e-mails, with your letters and with your phone calls to give us the strength to go on, trying to overcome a moment that was not easy for anyone. THANKS!

And it is when we think back to this, to friends, to family in a broader sense, even working, that Tourism takes on the meaning it has for us and that we try to pass on and pass on from four generations of matriarchy.


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