Dad 2.0

“It’s not difficult to become a father. Being a father: that’s hard.”

Wilhelm Busch

The figure of the parents is getting stronger, especially in this last and difficult year in which it was necessary to combine smart working and distance learning in the management of the daily family life. Professional and private life had to find a new balance following the health emergency.

In occasion of the Father’s Day, the company R-Everse published a survey deepening the theme of the changes in the life of fathers-workers with the advent of covid-19 and how these have been afforded. “Smart working and fatherhood: how dads are affording to work at home”.

What emerged is that, although we are all going through one of the worst tragedies in last decades, the parent-child relationship is definitely coming out stronger because of the need to spend more time in the home, in close contact and thus seeking some sort of tuning. Parents have undoubtedly begun to participate much more actively in the education and the growth of their children: a higher quality, as well as quantity, of time spent together. From lunches to snacks, from school themes to work topics, from outdoor sports to home workouts.

From the study conducted by R-Everse, most of the interviewed fathers were highly satisfied with the change in the parent-child relationship. Most of them had not previously experimented smart-working, a working method nowadays always more and more requested that aims to enter into contract clauses in the near future.

The AbanoRitz, in line with the needs of the moment, offers special rates for those who, rather than the home, prefer the comfort of a spa hotel for smart-working. Also, for those who do not want to leave their family dry-mouthed, we also have interesting solutions of communicating rooms with living and sleeping areas, such as the ability to leave the room, changing daily location from the park to the pool, from the different lounges in the lobby to our satellite lounges (also suitable for business meetings).

So what to say: we are waiting for you and in the meantime… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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