At the AbanoRitz, Thai traditions between music and dance

“The music is a machine to suppress the time.”

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Monday the 14th of October at 9.30 p.m., the AbanoRitz hosts the Thailand International Concert in her spacious hall. Piano and percussions will be encircled by traditional thai dancers to let us discover a multi-ethnic, pacific, tolerant culture based on mutual respect for oneself and others.

Sanuk” in Thailand means enjoy life, live in joy, not take too many thoughts, take life with philosophy, without worrying too much about tomorrow: all the things of life, diseases and everyday problems as well, should be taken with a good dose of sanuk.

So let’s enjoy this foretaste of Thailand, let the music lead our minds to discover a country so hospitable and rich in history, hypnotized by the dancers’ movements and by the bright colours of their traditional costumes.


Nat Yontararak, piano player among the leading exponents of the classical music in Thailand. Named Steinway artist, he has been the first independent artist that received an honour decoration by the Polish Ministry of Culture and by the Italian Culture Ministry (Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia) assigned for his tireless promotion of classic music and especially the thai one.

Łukasz Kurzydło, Poland percussionist, worked with numerous international artists. He began his studies with the cello and he got graduated later in percursive instruments.   percussionista polacco, ha lavorato con numerosi artisti internazionali. Iniziati gli studi con il violoncello ,si è poi laureato in strumenti a percussione. He ranges from classical repertoire to jazz, including Balkan and Latin American expressions. He is appreciated by critics for his creativity and sharpness of phrasing.


Chaiyagunsarakron, S. Shoji, R. Khomchai, P. Kaweewong 


HM King Rama IX Somewhere Somehow
W.A.Mozart Sonata in do maggiore K330
F. Chopin Nocturne in do diesis minore – Op. posth
Nat Yontararak Piano Sonata No.1 “Glory to our Great Kings”
Nat Yontararak Piano Sonata No.3 “Siam Sonata”
Nat Yontararak Suite for piano & percussion “The Prodigal Son”
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