Value for experience: new trends in hospitality

In the hotel world the guest’s satisfaction is the most important thing and their judgement is even more valuable in a time of online reviews that could gain greater visibility and easily become viral, to the extent of influencing the decision of new, potential clients.

Renato Adreoletti, in his Hotel Domani” editorial, reflects on the need of understand the judgement parameter of the guests and which aspects are considered more important, in order to better meet the need of our own audience.


Yesterday and today’s travellers

In the past few years the world has greatly changed and the access to new technologies and travelling made easier has generated a new familiarity with travel itself, transforming the way of experiencing a holiday. Travellers are far more indipendent, mostly when it comes to “technical” details of the organization, but maybe this is the reason why they have also raised their expectations towards the experiences they hope to live.

Just a couple of years ago, hotel managers focused on offering the best “value for money“, a concept that directly connects the quality of the hotel to the price of its services. The guest valued his stay moslty referring to objective parameter: furnishing, spaces, cleanliness, quality of the food.


Value for experience

As for today, though, money is no longer the main judgement parameter. The key is now the time and how it is used during the vacation; in a word, the experience. The traveller expects the paid price to be up to the overall experience of the holiday: from “value for money” to “value for experience

Hotel managers and facilities should not underestimate the importance of offering a stay that would make the guest think he spent wisely his time, even more than his money. Although it may seem a much more ephemeral, less tangible parameter, nowadays it has become as important as guaranteering excellence in all basic hotel services.

Offering intense and fulfilling experiences, making the guest feel like he has been welcomed in a family, in a place where he can snuggle and cuddle up to finally devote his time just to himself: we’d like to think, at the AbanoRITZ, to be able to offer this kind of hospitality and, in our 50th year of business, we carry on our commitment to satisfy the needs of each and every guest, from the loyal clients to the youger ones that, with their vitality, represent an exciting challenge to always improve ourselves.

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