The color of thermal water…

The Thermal water


Is the thermal water green or blue?!

It is certainly transparent but ours, rich in salts and micro algae extraordinarily beneficial, gushes out of the well, green, generous and very hot (almost 87° degrees)…

By law we are forced, obviously, to cool it using the thermal gap for heating (we have used Green Energy since Roman times!) and, naturally, to disinfect it in public pools with a special and controlled chlorine: chlorine and heat are calibrated by an ad hoc electronic system and in any case subjected to weekly analysis by external technicians.

Beyond the possibility of a failure of the chlorine machines, a normal and standard total water replacement and/or the sanitation of the pools remain on schedule, this foresees and requires a suspension of the chlorination and therefore to have for a few hours the green water…!

Take advantage of this, this is the real thermal water, the original, what the ancients called mother water, the same that you find in the tanks of maturation of the bio-thermal clay, the same that they use to make the ozonized thermal baths…in short green water is chemically untreated spa water.

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