The 2019 HOROSCOPE…of the Thermae at AbanoRitz! Third tranche

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Happy beginning 2019 by Wellness & Relax too, our blog’s branch adedicated to Thermae in its double meaning of wellness and wellbeing. With the first one we mainly mean the quality or the health condition ; with the second one we express the joyful, healthy and successful conditions successo (Global Wellness Institute). Them both are employed in a SPA, a location where people usually go to improve their health and their appearance relaxing and having a rest. RitzSPAce is our SPA “Salus Per Aquam”, as ancient Romans defined thermal waters and their benefits, and only in this way a place can be defined SPA.

As every beginning of the year, we cannot miss the astral predictions that we took pleasure in associating with our thermae and relax treatments, sign by sign, cause every one of the twelve astrology houses presents his own world, exactly as our twelve treatments which identify themselves: discover them here!

Sagittarius 2019
To set free from anguishes and  preoccupations, in 2019 people of Sagittarius will find their ideal destination in thermal wellness. The treatment 2019 for you is: Thermal muscular massage deeply therapeutic. A “virtuous” massage, which exploits the heat accumulated by the body during the thermal bath or mud, to melt the muscles to the maximum. Intense “kneadings” of the muscles relax and decontract all the way, toning and enlivening the whole organism.

Capricorn 2019
It’s prospecting a positive and prepositive year with many projects in progress! Ideal destination could be a capital city of wellness as Euganean Thermae. The treatment 2019 for you is: Connective Massage of connective tissue to oxygenate and deeply drain. It works in the depths of the connective tissue, an important “organ” of connection, support and nourishment of our body. Maneuvers are slow and deep to cause the tissue to detach from the muscle and the tensions to melt, the tissue to decontract and the circulation to re-activate.

Acquarius 2019
…always looking for news and desires. People born under this sign will start to project themselves in the future. The oldest and bigger thermal destination in Europe will be the right Karma. The treatment 2019 for you is: Cranium-Sacral Massage – sweet pressure and micro movements of cranium’s bones for physical and physics’ energy. This therapy arises from the discovery of the cranio-sacral rhythm that involves the bones of the skull and the vertebral column up to the sacrum. If this movement is altered by physical or emotional trauma, it causes disturbances of a neurovegetative nature, of a physical nature and pains. The technique makes use of very light mobilizations that are aimed at detecting alterations and correcting them, restoring the cranio-sacral rhythm…

Pisces 2019
Positive energies switch with obscure vibrations, but with a little bit of audacity, they will arrive to positively pass this new year thanks to the vital force of who will escort them in a thermal journey. The treatment 2019 for you is: Jade Massage – the massage with spheres for an harmonizing action. Although it is a ritual especially for the face, it starts and proceeds with relaxing movements for shoulders and back. The characteristic of jade is to act on the nervous system as a balancing agent. In addition to the pleasantness of the touch, the balls used in this massage allow a deeper drainage action. Jade infuses courage and affects excessive emotionality making us more calm and stable, while, from a physical point of view, stimulates kidney activity, keeping the right balance between water and salts.

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