The 2019 HOROSCOPE…of the Thermae at AbanoRitz! Second tranche

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Happy beginning 2019 by Wellness & Relax too, our blog’s branch adedicated to Thermae in its double meaning of wellness and wellbeing. With the first one we mainly mean the quality or the health condition ; with the second one we express the joyful, healthy and successful conditions successo (Global Wellness Institute). Them both are employed in a SPA, a location where people usually go to improve their health and their appearance relaxing and having a rest. RitzSPAce is our SPA “Salus Per Aquam”, as ancient Romans defined thermal waters and their benefits, and only in this way a place can be defined SPA.

As every beginning of the year, we cannot miss the astral predictions that we took pleasure in associating with our thermae and relax treatments, sign by sign, cause every one of the twelve astrology houses presents his own world, exactly as our twelve treatments which identify themselves: discover them here!

Lion 2019
More than ever strong and roaring for a 2019 which foresees new turning points, especially in love. Romantic destination will be the thermae. The treatment 2019 for you is: Hot Stones’ Massage – balsatics stones and essential oils for a deep relax. Like the ancient civilizations that listened to Nature relying on its wisdom, the shamanic tradition of the American Indians has recognized in the stones and crystals, particular therapeutic properties and used them to solve energy imbalances and disorders of the skeletal-muscular and nervous system, developing this particular massage technique…

Virgo 2019
Waiting for happiness, pay attention to your wallet. It could be better a destination with a good quality-price ratio like thermae. The treatment 2019 for you is: Aquahealing and Watzu in the swimming pool – journey in the relaxation’s depth. Aquahealing is a practice, individual or couple, that takes place in the thermal pool. Allows the discharge and dissolution of physical and mental tensions, favoring the return to the surface of unconscious memory bubbles and the overcoming of emotional blocks. Combine different water work techniques, such as watsu, aquabalancing and wasser-tanz, with other techniques like reiki, osho-prana-healing and reflexology…

Balance 2019
In the new year all doubts will untie. The meditational destination for excellence is the thermal one. The treatment 2019 for you is: Ayurveda Massage – the Indian medical experience for a psychophysics wellness. Ayurveda is the oldest science inspired by wellness. Man is dominated by the three doshas, forces which, combined in different proportions, characterize every individual and from whose equilibrium depends our health. Ayurvedic practice involves the use of hands, arms and feet to restore the balance of doshas. An ideal massage during seasonal changes.

Scorpion 2019
 The little Scorpions will have to find new positive vibrations and a renewed vitality to afford a 2019 made by highs and downs. The relaxing destination for excellence are thermae. The treatment 2019 for you is: Total Relax Massage with active cromotheraphy on a floating bed. It is a holistic massage and as such it treats the whole person, involving the body and the mind in an unforgettable multi-sensory and de-stressing experience. Combined with chromotherapy, it is practiced on a floating mattress where senses and sensations, pampered by gentle maneuvers and enveloped in iridescent colors, are pleasantly stimulated and brought to a state of profound harmony for a total relaxation.

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