Wellness & Relax

Intensely Moon, extravagantly Cancer

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you. Then you win.” Gandhi

The magical water of Abano

Water of the Euganean thermal basin, comes from the Prealps flowing at about 3000 meters of depth…

The brilliance of Gemini

“The real rebel knows the fear but how to overcome it as well.” Luis Sepulveda


Giulia is a new entry at the wellness center of the AbanoRitz Hotel….

“To crazies and Taurus do not turn around”

“Reason is a hand pressed on the chest to calm down the beat of our messy heart.”

The spontaneity of Aries

“The foul is an awake dreamer” Kant We start again from Aries, the first and…

Easy as it is for drinking a glass of water

“Water is the life matter. It is the origin, mother and means. It doesn’t exist life without…

Journey into the cosmos of Pisces

“Pisces are not made to be locked up…” Nemo You could not resist inside a…

“The dawning of the age of Aquarius, […] Mystic Crystal Revelation”

“If you scream everyone can hear you, if you whisper only those who are close to you…

Post-Christmas stress: it exists and we can fight it!

“Humor is an excellent antidote to stress.” Patch Adams It is known that it exists…

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