With the Immaculate Conception break, the holiday season has officialy begun, a time that should be mean only relaxation and quality time to spend with friends and those you love. Not everyone, however, deal with the festive weeks so cheerfully, and it becomes a source of stress and anxiety.

Gifts to be bought, family gatherings to be attended with little enthusiasm, or even having to work during the holidays … There is someone that would rather prefer to fall asleep on December 23 and wake up the morning of January 7!


The main reasons for stress

  1. Last-minute gifts to buy, which means arriving at Christmas’ Eve with few and confusing ideas;
  2. Indecision about what to buy, which in turn generates concern, anxiety and tension;
  3. Not-so-nice family members and relatives, with whom you must forcefully spend at least 2 days;
  4. Cooking for many people, several times a day;
  5. Having to fight with the kids for homework, because the holidays coincide with school holidays and homework;
  6. Having to clean and reorganize the house, which has often been postponed from the previous summer;
  7. Or, for someone, the nightmare is having to work right on Christmas Day while everyone is happy celebrating and resting with the family.


The AbanoRITZ has the cure!

Luckly, the AbanoRITZ offers the cure to the most common causes of Christmas stress! For example, those who are still unsure about what gifts to make can have a look at our Wellness Gifts, four luxury boxes for a precious wellness gift, each one personalized by one of the four elements of Nature that give us life and fill it with emotions!

For all the others, we advise you to visit us: a stay at the AbanoRITZ will make you forget the worries, pampering in our SPA and indulging in gourmet dinners, soaking in the warm thermal water of our pools or in the cheerful atmosphere of the holidays evenings. There are many offers are and all different, something for everyone!

For further information and direct booking, please call the +39 049 8633444 or write an e9mail to abanoritz@abanoritz.it

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