euganean hills

The Jujube, one of the excellences of our Euganeans Hills

“The autumn is the sweetest season and what we lose in flowers, we win in fruits.”

August through the old ways of the faith

At the AbanoRitz to discover the charming tour of the holy places of Euganeans Hills……

Sports that satisfy body and mind

There is no age to practice healthy sport! What do golf,…

Wine: the absolute protagonist

Wine   Also called nectar of the gods or elixirs of long…

Territory, culture, art: AbanoRitz among the 8 locations of the Venetian Villas Biennale

Our commitment to the territory and its culture, even at the regional level

Garden park and Hills: as it will be the anticipated spring during the next days of the blackbird?

January and weather forecasts for the year in our hills  

Let’s stay with us for your perfect golf holiday!

AbanoRitz Golf   Padova – Euganean Hills Thermal facilities and 54-hole golf courses A…

ABANO: between past and renewal

Thermae Abano Montegrotto     During the months of October and November, the OGD…

Villa dei Vescovi: tasting and visiting meet the producers

Villa Visits and Tastings in Wine shop  

Volcanei Wine is back: the best wine production from Volcanic areas. The third edition at Lispida Castle.

From Saturday 12th May to Monday 14th May at Lispida Castel in…

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