We are almost at the end of the works: et voilà!

New surprises on the fifth floor of AbanoRitz


The new mantle of Creative “Wood”

Just like being “On the road”

Grand opening..short time left!

Countdown to the upcoming reopening of Saturday: it was really an intense and productive month that led to the desired results!

And with great pride we offer you the latest shots made in these days at AbanoRitz because now we are just running away and, in doing so, we also talk about the ‘Creative Weekend offer created specifically for the type of rooms that are going to be completed.

The offer gives the possibility of staying 2 nights in 2 persons, with breakfast and the ‘Creative Weekend’ package included at a special price, obviously also including our RitzVital and RitzLife services.

The ‘Creative Weekend’ package offers a unique experience in one of our Creative or Design rooms on the fifth floor. It is a space in constant evolution in which you can find rooms that have been designed for those who want to stay in an exclusive, elegant and Italian design. Creativity is the masterpiece for those who want to experience a vacation-experience, for example, trying an original bed and for all lovers of beauty and what is trendy!

The offer is valid from 28/07/2018 to 11/08/2018.


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