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On Friday, June 23rd, at 5 pm, Associazione Toponomastica Femminile presents a conference called “Businesswomen and Professionals in the Euganean Hills” at the SS. Trinity Oratory of Arquà Petrarca. An appointment to give voice to female entrepreneurial experiences that enrich the Euganean territory, an exchange of experiences, virtuous examples and success stories.

At the end of the conference will be inaugurated the exhibitionWomen and work” at the Foresteria Casa Callegari, which will remain open until Saturday, July 1st. The documentary exhibition aims to witness the fatigue, but also the successes of women’s struggles to achieve equality, to solicit a reflection on a female commitment, constantly present, albeit in different forms, and constantly evolving.

At the end of the evening, a guided tasting of extra virgin olive oil offered by the Azienda Olivicola Bianco Ampelio in the courtyard of Foresteria.


  • Lisa Loreggian, Assessore al Commercio, Turismo e Cultura;
  • Nadia Cario, Referente Regione Veneto associazione Toponomastica femminile;
  • Elena Macellari, Agronoma, scrittrice;
  • Carla Mastella, CPO interprofessionale Padova e Responsabile PPOO Ordine Interprovinciale dei Chimici di Padova;
  • Giovanna Monica Piazza, Associazione Olivicoltori Euganei;
  • Ida Poletto, AbanoRitz Management.


The Association “Toponomastica Femminile”

The Association was born in early 2012, starting with a Facebook group called “Toponomastica femminile” (“Female toponymy”) with the idea of setting up research, publishing data and making pressures on every single territory so that streets, squares, gardens and urban sites in the broader sense, would be devoted to women to compensate for the obvious sexism that characterizes the actual toponymy.

The idea that animates its supporters since the foundation is the commitment to bring back illuminating biographies of courageous and stubborn women, to ensure that not only history but also toponomastics can become more inclusive. The awareness raising activity starts with accurate research and censuses carried out all over Italy, to involve the new generations through the many educational projects promoted and coordinated by the group.

For further information, call +39 347 3822210 or write an email to

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