Mistery tour with ghost stories at the Monselice Castle

Saturday, October 14, Affresco Euganeo organizes an evening guided tour at the Castle of Monselice, a splendid medieval hamlet of the Euganean Hills. It will be a tour of the mystery, with the stories of the ghosts that has inhabited it for centuries.


The guided tour

The thirteenth-century Castello Cini stands at the foot of the Colle della Rocca and, over the centuries, has been the residence of the Padua’s court, then defensive tower and later a country villa of Venetian patricians. The route will allow you to visit the interior rooms, furnished with original furniture, carpets and tapestries of the time, the result of the careful search by Count Vittorio Cini who inherited the property in 1935.

The visit will continue in the armory, which boasts 916 unique pieces and offers a vision of the use and spread of weapons in Europe with reference to the medieval and Renaissance period. It will continue between the great medieval cuisine and the interior gardens, including the Venetian Courtyard, a harmonious and very private space designed for concerts and theatrical performances.

The tour ends with the story of ghost stories that have lived for centuries in the castle: Avalda, the lover of Ezzelino, the fierce tyrant famous for his cruelty, Jacopino da Carrara, Lord of Monselice, and Giuditta, the lover of Jacopino

  • Lenght of the visit: 2 hours
  • Partecipation fee: 13€
  • Meeting: at 20:40 by the Campo della Fiera parking.

Booking mandatory.

For furhter information and booking, affrescoeuganeo@gmail.com or +39 3428587830

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