Garden park and Hills: as it will be the anticipated spring during the next days of the blackbird?

January and weather forecasts for the year in our hills


The AbanoRitz garden park

All or almost you have already heard of the so-called days of the “merla” (hen blackbird) that fall on 29, 30 and 31 of January, but perhaps not everyone knows its legend from which it would derive a saying: if the days of the blackbird are very cold, spring will be beautiful and it will arrive soon, if in those three days the weather is mild, spring will be too late to arrive and it will be not very vigorous.

Who knows what spring will wait for us in our park of over 6000 square meters, animated, even in winter, by bunnies that run free and accompanied by hammocks and the life path with the corner for the children. Nature also greets in front of the hotel where the garden is enclosed by large magnolias and framed by a shimmering hedge by Photinia; enriched by the water well and the fountain, it is much appreciated by our guests, especially when the weather begins to become milder, so much so that it is called Green Hall. So let’s wait for the three coldest days of the year to foresee how the warm season will be and how flourishing the vegetation of our garden park will be, with more than 40 varieties of plants!

In terms of nature and territory and waiting for our Easy Activities which we will talk about when the air will become a little warmer, we want to tell about other realities just outside the AbanoRitz and immersed in the Euganean Hills, offering naturalistic proposals of all kinds as an environmental education center that we have visited in the first person.

In the heart of the Euganean Hills: Marina House

Thanks to Terra di Mezzo, a cooperative that brings together a group of naturalistic guides, educational operators and collaborators who devote their days to organizing experiences to raise awareness of nature and enhance the territory, we had the pleasure to meet Francesco, director of the cooperative, who presented us Marina House located on the eastern side of Monte Venda, in one of the most beautiful landscape areas of the Euganean Hills. Marina House is the environmental education center of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, located in the natural environment where it is easy to immediately get in tune with nature, history and human activities. It is home to an interesting botanical garden that dedicates a sector to medicinal plants. Francesco surprised us by telling us how the Hills park vegetation covers 35% of the national plant diversity, whose concentration index is the highest in the world!

Hiking and naturalistic guides

Marina House organizes trips by mountain bike or city bike and many visits to the most significant places nearby in terms of nature and history such as the Alta via of Euganean Hills, the “GG Lorenzoni” path, the path of Venda Mount, the ruins of Monastery of the Olivetans and the Amphitheater of Venda. In addition, nocturnal excursions that aim not only to make known the parallel and mysterious universe that the darkness lives, but also to experience the silence of nature and what it evokes.

The next moonlight excursion is Monte Zogo e monte delle Valli, scheduled for Saturday, February 16th from 5.00 pm…for more info click here 

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