14th March – National Landscape Day – 2nd edition

national landscape day 2018Not everybody knows that today is the National Landscape Day on its second edition. Unfortunately the main carachter of this celebration is not well known, this is the reason why the Ministry estabilished this date in the national calendar, to promote our natural heritage.

In the Landscape Day ufficial website page they remind us that 2018 is also The European Year of Cultural Heritage whose LAndascape is part.

Landscape, culture and tourism

As well as Landscape, Tourism is matter for the same Ministry in our Country. Easy to say that Tourism is strictly connected to the quality of Art Culture and Nature.

Tourism is growing all over the world and among tourists those who pay much attention to sustainability and high quality of natural and cultural aspects. Therefore we can talk of Green and Slow Tourism and we have to be aware that trekking, biketourism, outdoor activities, wellness, art, sport and food have are going to become keyword for tourism success.

One more reason to learn more about italian Landscape features and protect its beauty.

AbanoRITZ is glad that its guests get to know the beauty of thermal area and is promoting the Hotel’s surrounding landscape variety through a program of activities.

We suggest to have a look at our EASY ACTIVITIES Program 2018, a calendar of outdoor and sport activities each week from 19th March till 09th June to enjoy our beautiful landscape.


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National Landscape Day , MIBACT
Program and Events

Euganei Hills flora

Sport in thermal area

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