The winter dessert related to the Carnival..our fritters and Ugly Duckling Restaurant desserts

Treats and desserts

Our “fritoe” fritters

The typical Venetian candy of the Carnival has always been fritters or more commonly “fritoe” in Venetian dialect, whose origins come from the Serenissima Republic of Venice by some pastry chefs called “fritolieri”. They owe their name to being fried in boiling oil and, from Venice, neighboring regions and other Italian cities over the centuries have adopted their own version of the original recipe with the addition of cream, eggnog, candied fruit and many others specialities.

The ingredients of the original recipe are these but also our Chef proposes a personal version that will leave you undoubtedly entranced! 😉

280 g white flour “00”
50 g sugar
4 eggs
25 l milk
1 cube of brewer’s yeast
30 g sultanas raisins
peel of a lemon or an orange
raw sugar
lard or seed oil for frying

At the White Gloves Restaurant the Chef follows a recipe that enriches the original with the addition of water, semolina, butter, pine nuts, lemons, rum, brandy and vanillin…what are you waiting for to taste them?! Obviously in this period you can find them among the desserts that make up our menu, a menu that varies every day: the starter is proposed by the Chef and for each meal you can choose from various proposals for first courses, main courses and desserts. A restaurant where the best traditional recipes alternate with international cuisine.


The Ugly Duckling desserts

At The Ugly Duckling Vintage Restaurant values ​​defy strategies and the table, intended as conviviality, is imposed on the show kitchen. On his gastronomic “poster” people and senses are at the center. Raw materials and ingredients are very simple, primary and selected, to preserve their specific and distinctive characteristics. Dishes cooked and presented with the mood of those who do things with pleasure, decorated with a different creativity every day. No sharp edges or aggressiveness for the palate, but soft curves and round flavors, something that rises from the belly to the heart.

To open the list of desserts of the winter menu: “Ready for the snack time?”. Between fritters and crêpes, a soft and delicious fruit pancake is proposed that, from the American recipe, brings with it the simple and basic ingredients, that is flour and sugar, milk and eggs. At The Ugly Duckling the pancakes are not just for breakfast or a snack, but rather they are a dessert covered in dark, warm chocolate. Served with a glass of Verduzzo from Ramandolo ‘Torre delle Signore’ – Count of Attimis

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