The Ugly Duckling’s kitchen and the consistency of a path of wellBEING

The Ugly Duckling Restaurant


Savoring a dish does not mean only recognizing its taste, feeling if it is sweet, bitter, or spicy, but also feeling emotions and feelings of well-being. Especially if the restaurant is born, as in a matryoshka, inside a spa hotel that has inside a prestigious Thermal department that has its roots in a thousand-year tradition of Latin otium. In our kitchen, within the menu proposal, all foods are allowed (forbidden to forbid!) If carefully chosen and prepared with health-conscious cooking methods as well as taste buds.

In the last thirty years, in most Western countries, eating habits have changed considerably. With the economic well-being, the consumption of meat, of foods rich in fats, of sugary and carbonated drinks, of supplements and…of junk food has increased, while the energy expenditure has been reduced due to increasingly sedentary jobs.

It seems strange, but we Italians too are moving away from the model of the “Mediterranean diet“: from a survey conducted by the Research Center for food and nutrition, it emerges that, in Italy, we consume just over two portions a day of fruits and vegetables, we still eat very little fish and too much meat. And we are also…fat: according to the latest Report on Obesity in Italy, about 55% of men have overweight problems compared to 36% of women aged between 45 and 64 years.

Incorrect nutrition, together with smoking and alcohol consumption, is one of the main causes of the so-called “Diseases of well-being”: cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and tumors. 41% of deaths in Europe are caused by the first and, between 55 and 60 years of age, one in four deaths is caused by malignant tumors: these are the data from the Cause of death report published a few years ago by Eurostat. An erroneous diet is a potential contributory cause of diseases such as Alzhaimer or other neurodegenerative diseases, especially it plays an increasingly important role in mood disorders.

For many years now, research has analyzed the relationship between nutrition and health and, based on the strongest scientific evidence, the institutions have drawn up guidelines to direct the population towards healthy lifestyles and eating patterns. Based on these assumptions and insisting on a territory always dedicated to health and active aging, the BA wanted to follow a training path particularly attentive to the kitchen of well-being, an evolutionary and evolving cuisine that, in respect of Nature, marry the pleasure of the table with the pleasure of feeling good.

Moreover, our restaurant has had the privilege of hosting the presentation of the book “The SmartFood diet” by Eliana Liotta which finally clarifies what, how much and how to eat to live more and live better. Smartfood is the first Italian diet with a scientific brand, born in fact in collaboration with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan.

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