The tuna? The most consumed fish preserve

The tuna from us



How many of us love to eat tuna? However, how much do we really know about this pelagic fish?

According to a recent study in fact, the first place for its consumption is occupied by Italy, the rest that we are ‘good forks’ has never been hidden from anyone. However, Italy is at the top of the ranking also with regard to production: precisely it covers no less than 70% of the European market.

The consumption of tuna in oil is today in continuous increase.

His invention seems to have originated in Sicily, when salt preservation in wooden barrels, difficult to transport, was considered a cause of disease. Consequence of this was that the Florio, lords of Favignana, in the late 1800s designed tin cans with key opening, in which they immersed the already cooked tuna in oil.

The can opener was devised in 1858 by the American Ezra Warner, who inaugurated one of the best food industries, and was therefore dubbed by many ‘benefactor of humanity’.

Tuna therefore, fished since prehistoric times, is today one of the most hired food, thanks to the fact that it can be combined with any other dish such as pasta, tomato, rice, eggs..and often accompanied by a good wine. Why not to try, for example, at our Vintage Restaurant the Ugly Duckling? From the new Autumn-Winter menu you can choose the second of Millefeuille of veal with tuna sauce, a dish that gives security! A synthesis of taste between land and combination with a glass of Bianco Infinito – Maeli.

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