The Jujube, one of the excellences of our Euganeans Hills

“The autumn is the sweetest season and what we lose in flowers, we win in fruits.”

Samuel Butler

The Jujube, this delicious fruit mainly known for the Italian expression “go in the broth of jujubes”, that is to gloat with pleasure, enjoy something of particularly nice. But this could be reductive for its many properties: more than be rich in vitamin C, it helps in the digestion, in sleeping better and in make the anxiety pass. Let’s speak about it!

This fruit grows on a really high and climbing tree with Syrian origins, which spreads also in Chine and in Asiatic countries in general, till arriving to our beloved Euganean Hills in 1660. Here it catches on starting to give one of the typical delicacies of our villages.

The Jujube ripens between September and October, with the shape and the dimension of an olive and initially green colored with a flavor really similar to an apple. Ripening, the skin becomes more naturally brown and it crumples becoming sweeter (sincerely ugly, but an infinite goodness for our papilla, ed).

The traditional Chinese medicine used to suggest this fruit in order to help the digestion, when it is more modern to use it to alleviate the anxiety and the pain. Could it work? The season changes could be the perfect moment to prove its efficacy. The presence of tannins gives it anti-inflammatory properties and the richness of phosphorus and iron helps in assisting the blood circulation. The strong presence of vitamin C strengthens the immune system without forgetting that the jujube also enhances memory. Excellent for all ages then!

But how could we taste this magic fruit? The most known preparation surely is the Broth of Jujubes, a liquor obtained after a long maceration of a hydro-alcoholic infusion of mature jujubes, quinces, lemon skin, grapes, pomegranate and other fruits in order to put sugar. The obtained liquid is filtered and directly bottled… ready to be well fresh tasted! This is a local product of Arquà Petrarca, little middle-aged Euganean village.

Arquà Petrarca organized every year the Feast of the Jujube that this time will be from the 6th to the 13th of October. Music shows, art and handmade exhibitions, tasting and events in the background of the House of Petrarca, his grave and his village. The hospitality of the citizens that will open their doors, it will let you discover local products, costumes… and you will no longer able to do without! And do not worry for the transport: from the Hotel to the village there are shuttles on demand.

Few kilometers far from Arquà Petrarca, out of these dates, at the AbanoRitz you will be able to taste a little bit of this feast: from the big Jujube tree in our garden-park to the Broth of Jujubes served by our attentive barmen. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more informations about our offers!

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