Sir Buffet arrives at the AbanoRitz in a Smart version

Here we are! The AbanoRitz Hotel has reopened the doors to its guests after the July makeover with important news. Among these, the White Gloves restaurant offers now the “Smart Buffet” for lunch: a high quality selection of raw materials, a richness and variety of courses elegantly presented on three huge islands. Tables decorated with an antique and fine silverware and the precious collection of dishes of the XVIII century which makes the background of it, render unique and convivial the lunch at the AbanoRitz.

Buffet is not simply a modern and fashionable proposal, nor a sideboard of the dining room: it is a concept, a gastronomic evolution that the AbanoRitz has decided to propose to its Guests pampering them with different, peculiar and tasty receipts. This is a brief history of sir Buffet. Pierre Buffet, in the XVI century, was the personal chef of Francesco I of France; to facilitate the transfers of his sovereign, he used to bring crockery and food in a big truck which was then opened becoming a real sideboard. But the peak of the success arrived around the XVIIII century, when the buffets became real art works which functioned as magnificent focal points for parties.

Every season a protagonist and… Hear! Hear! His Highness the Tomato! Prince of the summer lunches, the tomato is one of the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet; raw or cooked, it is used in lot of recipes and many others are the ones that our chef will propose to you during your vacation at the AbanoRitz.

The tomato is native of Americas and it arrived in Europe with Spanish ships in the XVI century. Its name has been given in the South of Italy: originally golden, it has been named gold pome. Thanks to different selections and various grafts it changed its color in the red we know nowadays and it became the king of vegetables in Italy. The center of tomato industry is in Parma, where this vegetable studied and worked since the XVIIII century and thanks to this beginning Italy is the leader in exporting pulp, peeled and pastes. There are almost 300 varieties of tomatoes and they are shared into three main groups: tomatoes for the industry, tomatoes for the table and tomatoes to be stored. All varieties are rich in healthy virtues, able to give to the organism new strength and energy, able to quench and it helps the digestion, the dissipation of the uric acids and the alkalization of the blood; the tomato contains many antioxidants, potassium, phosphor, vitamins (mainly C and E) and flavonoids.

We wait for you in our White Gloves restaurant, but our Hotel may welcome you as well at the Easy Barbecue, for lunches in our garden-park, and the Brutto Anatroccolo, our à la carte restaurant from Friday to Monday evening.

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