September, harvest time!

“The sun, with all those planets turning around and which depend on him, can still ripen a handful of grapes as if it has nothing else to do in the universe.”

Galileo Galilei

Italy has the leadership for wine production with 567 different types (against the French 278) and Euganean Hills are in the excellences. The grape harvest generally starts in August to finish in October, but the exact period changes region by region and year by year depending the climate.

Have you ever taken part to a grape harvest? Most of us, being children, used to play at least once in crushing the grapes in huge wood tubs. Nowadays everything is managed by machines, but if you never had this kind of experience, it is possible to do it in one of the many farms here in the Euganean area. So, equip you with gloves and secateurs for a nice weekend in the vineyards. It starts early in the morning; you have to be delicate and prevent dents on the grapes in addition to check that they are not too wet: the water may alter the wort.

Here in Veneto, with the fresh must, we use to cook the “sugolo”. Grapes juice just crushed, flour, sugar and a little bit of vanilla: one hour in the fridge and everything is ready to be savored!

Usually the grapes harvest is as well the occasion to be all together with family and friends, eating together, playing cards or table games and… drinking some good wine sure! Grill is a must in Italy and every moment is the good one to organize one of it!

But we made an interesting discover as well: it exists the wine therapy. Using the grapes properties, this treatment is perfect for the psych-physic wellness: a beauty harvest! Already practiced in the past by Arabic, Roman and Greek populations, it arrives till today by our cousins from across the Alps, French. Detox, antioxidant, tonic, the wine becomes an aesthetic bio-activator, that reduces the stress, the expression lines, it slims down the shape contrasting the free radicals and it relaxes. Also, grapes juice and lemon or honey may be used as masks for the hairs or as antibacterial solution, sedative and emollient for the body.

In conclusion, wine is good “in all kind of ways” so why do not take advantage of it? The AbanoRitz Hotel is part of the Strada del Vino (Wine Road) of Euganean Hills, an association which gives you the possibility to taste typical products, oil and wines of the territory, a unique path at the discovery of a territory rich in culture, folklore, beauty and goodness! We wait for you, then, here with us and we invite you to try as well our restaurants: White Gloves or Il Brutto Anatroccolo both with varied menu and local products. You just have to book a break of relax, culture and gastronomy!

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